Thrift Stores

Local Stores with a Local Mission

By donating or shopping at one of our eight Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch thrift stores, you’re giving children in the community the tools they need for hope and healing. It’s because of supportive people like you that children in our communities can see the world differently, and feel love through those who care for them.

Recycle your gently used goods at our thrift stores.

Drop your donations off at any of our thrift store locations, or call your local store to schedule an in-town pickup.

Donation Guidelines
  1. Please review our Do Not Accept list before preparing your donation.
  2. Let us know if you would like a donation receipt. We will list the number of bags, boxes and larger items on the receipt.
  3. If your tax professional requires an itemized list of your donations, please create the list before you drop them off.
  4. Use our Taxpayer's Guide to assist you in determining the value of your donation.
To assist with handling of donations, please consider the following:
  • Use bags for soft goods only
  • Tie bags shut and do not overfill (25-30 lbs)
  • Use boxes or totes for breakable and heavy items
  • Close flaps on boxes so they can be easily stacked

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Current Sales

December: 50% off all pink-tagged merchandise

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Stores offer specials throughout the year. We also have semi-annual clothing clearance sales in July/August and February. 

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Check out Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch on eBay.

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Stores have been selling selected items on eBay since 2007. 

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Thrift Store Volunteer Opportunities

We can accommodate large groups, one-time volunteers or long-term volunteers. 

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The Ranch is such a great cause and there is a reason for the work we do. We are helping the kids…kids who feel like there is no one else out there.

Julie Meyers, Thrift Store Volunteer

1335 E Interstate Ave.

Devils Lake
408 Hwy 2 W.

Grand Forks
2017 DeMers Ave.

1206 S Broadway
Donation Pick-ups: 701.852.2616

North Fargo
1001 4th Ave N.
Donation Pick-ups: 701.277.9424

South Fargo
1601 32nd Ave S.
Donation Pick-ups: 701.277.9424

West Fargo
619 13th Ave E.
Donation Pick-ups: 701.277.9424

Dilworth, MN
1500 Center Ave. W./Hwy 10
Donation Pick-ups: 701.277.9424

Fargo, Deer Creek
5289 51st Ave S.
Donation Pick-ups: 701.277.9424