Meet the Ranch's
new president
Introducing Joy Ryan
New President and CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch welcomes new
president and CEO Joy Ryan. She replaces Gene
Kaseman, who served at the Ranch for 43 years.

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  • I have a new family here, and in Heaven.
    ~ Robbie
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  • I’m able to look back on and know that I was crying out for help.
    ~ Leslie
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  • I cannot learn as fast as the other kids.
    ~ Roy
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  • I finally feel like I belong somewhere.
    ~ Rhianne
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  • The Picture Bible helped me to believe!
    ~ Matt
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  • I remember the troubled times in my life...
    ~ Ian
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  • Believe in yourself to the depths of your being.
    ~ Graduate
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  • I will always need support from others.
    ~ Cassie
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  • This school has been the most helpful place I’ve ever attended.
    ~ Bethanny
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  • My life started off with tragedy and challenges.
    ~ David
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  • I was a troubled individual with lots of baggage.
    ~ Jim
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