Share Your Love With a Child at the Ranch

If you could walk with me across one of our campuses, you'd see our team of highly qualified teachers, therapists, and spiritual mentors in action. You'd have the opportunity to interact with our awesome children. And you'd immediately recognize that something special is happening here.

It’s a great time to support a boy or girl at the Ranch with your gift today. Through God’s prompting in your heart, you will bring hope to these precious boys and girls — maybe for the first time in their lives.

Your gift will do so much to bring help, healing, and hope to children like Melissa and Chuck.

Melissa is a 15-year-old rape victim who used drugs to kill the pain. She left the Ranch as an honor student, ready to join her new forever family.
Chuck will forever be affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, due to his mom’s drinking while pregnant. He left the Ranch to rejoin his adoptive family, and now runs track for his new high school.

Your gift now will literally save lives. And change lives. And create success. And help kids laugh, pray, learn, and feel worthwhile.
Thank you for blessing a child at the Ranch.