Help a hurting child succeed in school

Help a hurting child succeed in school

As many kids head back to school, your financial gift will bring hope. Your gift will show a child like Sara you care. 

Your gift will help a child enter a new year of school immersed in the care, compassion, and community provided by Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.

Would you be more likely to succeed if you received regular encouragement that reinforced and acknowledged your strengths, but also acknowledged your struggles? I sure would.

The same goes for Ranch kids.

Dakota Memorial School staff provide that recognition for kids at the Ranch. When you recognize each child’s challenges, focus on encouragement, and inspire them to discover what they can be, even a deeply wounded boy or girl can achieve academic success.

As many Ranch kids head back to school, your financial gift will bring hope. 

Your gift will show a child like Sara you care.

Sara’s mom was young, single, and unable to provide for her. Violence and instability were constants in their home. No wonder Sara was angry, verbally abusive, disrespectful of authority, and hamstrung by learning disabilities that made school a
daily battle.

This precious girl was so broken, she threatened to kill herself. Thankfully, authorities stepped in and removed her from the home. She’s now with an adoptive family and attending Dakota Memorial School (DMS).

At the Ranch, Sara experienced a very different kind of classroom. Because our teachers recognized her struggles — but also her many strengths as a unique child of God — she responded positively.

Sara says, “It didn’t feel safe at my old school. But at the Ranch, if I need more help or things aren’t going well at home, I can tell someone and feel safe. I don’t have to worry that more bad things will happen because I told.”

Your gift will help a hurting child like Sara succeed in school this year.

Education is crucial for Ranch kids — it opens so many doors. It’s key to ending the cycle of generational poverty, addiction, and despair. You’ll see a huge return when you invest in a Ranch child, because they’ll be more likely to get a good job, lead a healthy family, and contribute to their community.

That’s why I’m asking you to prayerfully consider a gift now to provide much-needed textbooks, school supplies, and the specialized support that will make it possible for a Ranch child to heal, learn, and prepare for a life of confidence, independence, and accomplishment.

In His love,

Joy Ryan
President and CEO

P.S. This year, we’ll have 100 boys and girls in school at our Ranch campuses. Will you please send your gift to help a Ranch kid succeed at home, and in life? Your kindness will mean so much!