Horse helps child move past her pain

You know, just as I do, that past hurt can stay with kids for years. Often for their whole lives. Without professional help, many will never heal. Unless you and I help. One way you can help right now is through horse therapy.

When a child has been deeply wounded, the chance to spend time with a gentle, trustworthy horse can help them start to feel better about themselves, their circumstances, and their future.
And your gift today in support of this simple, yet very effective, therapy will do wonders for a hurting child at the Ranch.

Your gift will help a child like Jaimie find comfort and healing.

Each child at the Ranch is given the opportunity to spend time at our stable and ride the horses. This opportunity became a healing experience for one child, Jaimie, who has an especially heartbreaking story. She’d been in several foster homes after being removed from her parents’ home due to sexual abuse. Jaimie was angry, struggled with self control, and lashed out at anyone who tried to get close to her.
One day recently, Jaimie wasn’t in the best of moods when she headed down to the barn. She became even more frustrated when her horse, Starburst, seemed standoffish.
It was then the therapist shared with Jaimie that Starburst had a difficult past too. She suspected Starburst had been neglected by a former owner. Because of that, she sometimes did things in her own way and in her own time. Quietly, Jaimie looked at Starburst and said, “I guess Starburst and I have a lot in common.”
Moments later, Starburst approached and brought her head close to Jaimie’s. It was one of those times when you just know horses have a unique ability to connect with people — to “be there” for us. From that day on, Jaimie and Starburst had a very special bond. And Starburst doesn’t feel so alone anymore.
Your gift will help a Ranch child, like Jaimie, move past their pain.

Horses have always been a big part of the Ranch, long before using them to help kids heal was even a recognized practice. But horse therapy is completely funded by gifts from our friends and partners who recognize the great good a horse can give a child.
Please give today — as generously as you can — to make horse therapy a reality for a child.? For kids who battle physical, psychiatric, or behavioral challenges, horse therapy can be immensely helpful. Your gift of support for a vulnerable child will do more good than you can imagine.

In His Love,

Joy Ryan
President & CEO

P.S. Thank you so much, not only for your gift today, but for all you do through your prayers and friendship to help our awesome kids find success.