Urgent Crisis at Dakota Memorial School

On February 17, a massive waterline failed at Dakota Memorial School, our largest campus in Minot, doing significant damage.Water seeped slowly through the floors at first, but soon it was gushing.

Our children, staff and facilities crew worked frantically with brooms and shop vacuums to keep the water from completely flooding the buildings.

To locate the problem, we had to bore down more than eight feet into the frozen ground and across quite a distance.

We’ve been able to turn the water back on, but there is still significant damage. We can’t repair the damage without your help.

Our children are the first priority. And this is very difficult for them. Maintaining routines is important to the kids and their healing.

It will be necessary to not only repair the water systems, but also replace walkways, flooring, office supplies, equipment and ruined landscaping.

The latest repair estimate is more than $77,000.

Please give a special gift to help the Ranch through this unexpected crisis.

The Ranch should always be a place of God’s beauty, calm and healing for these amazing kids who need us.

Your gift of any amount now will help the Ranch – and the children we care so much about – get through this very difficult time.