Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a Christian residential treatment and educational center for children and their families. We help the most troubled, complicated and amazing kids by providing best-in-class psychiatric therapy and trauma-informed care, where we look kids in the eye, walk with them, and help them become their best selves.




This former Ranch resident is grateful for her transformation

   "I was taken out of the home at 13 and I lived at the Ranch where I learned patience, respect, integrity, perseverance, religion, love and above all, kindness. 

"It was due to the relentless care and wonderful teachers that I met during my stay at these facilities that I am a successful, happy and stable member of society today. I can tell you that my life would not be the same if I had never set foot at the Ranch. I am not, and I will never again be a victim."     

 — Kacie



More about Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

The Ranch is a residential treatment and educational center for children and their families. And loving kids has been our mission for 65 years. In that time, we've helped more than 30,000 children recover from abuse, abandonment, and psychiatric issues.

Many of our kids are escaping home where they have been mistreated, ignored, or exposed to drug use. Others desperately need help with behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric problems.

But we also see boys and girls from loving homes where the parents have worked themselves to exhaustion helping a struggling child. They've simply run out of steam and are honest enough to ask for support.

No matter what the circumstances, our amazing kids find that the Ranch is a place where miracles happen — where any child, despite their challenges, can find help and hope, and most importantly, meet the Savior who will never give up on them.

Show a boy or girl at the Ranch that they're loved

Student with a Teacher

You'll do more good for a heartbroken child than you can ever imagine when you stand with the Ranch and give a generous gift today.

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Your generous online gift right now will help a boy or girl experience a fresh start, a second chance, and healing for their aching souls.

You’ll help a child rise above their circumstances — whether abuse, neglect, or psychiatric issues — and learn to trust again, succeed in school, and develop skills that will prepare them for a life of independence and accomplishment.

Through God’s limitless grace — and your compassion — they can finally start to believe in themselves.

Thank you for caring about these very special boys and girls! They urgently need your love and compassion, now and year-round!


What our kids and their families say about the Ranch

“While I was at the Ranch, I experienced incredible transformation in a variety of ways. The Ranch is the place I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Twenty-five years later, God has continued to bless me. I am a successful software engineer, I married a fantastic woman, and am the father of four wonderful sons. My life completely changed when I met Jesus at the Ranch. Now the lives of my entire family are being impacted for the sake of the Gospel.”
— Ron, a Ranch graduate

“We saw a huge change in Jason. He learned that he has the potential to be someone. The Ranch was always doing things he wanted to do. Taking him places. Letting him try things. He had friends there. He never had friends before. The people at the Ranch cared. He learned that there is a better life out there.”
Grandparents of Jason, a Ranch graduate

“At first, I resisted the spiritual emphasis of the Ranch. I didn’t have an open mind, because so many bad things had happened to me. It took me a long time to understand why God would give me this kind of life. But now I know He did it for my benefit — and to show people what He has done in my life. It has been a journey. But I’ve grown in my faith and now realize the Ranch saved me from a very scary situation. I will be forever grateful.”
— Leslie, a Ranch graduate

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch — people you can trust

The Ranch is supported by caring people like you who give sacrificially to help children and their families. So we’re serious about earning your trust by using your gifts carefully and conservatively. We’re committed to absolute integrity and transparency in our fundraising.

The Ranch also adheres to rigorous accreditation standards that ensure our students receive the highest level of education. We’re recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and licensed by the state of North Dakota. Our on-site school, Dakota Memorial School, is accredited by AdvancED.

We are also a recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod (LCMS), an affiliated Social Ministry Organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), a Mission Partner of the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC), and a founding member of Lutheran Services in America (LSA).


The mission of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is to help at-risk children and their families succeed in the name of Christ.