The Sweet Reward of God's Word and Watermelon

The Sweet Reward of God's Word and Watermelon

The Sweet Reward of God's Word and Watermelon

Nothing says summer like Vacation Bible School. Kids at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, Fargo, focused on Genesis 1-11 and this year’s Vacation Bible School experience. They learned about creation, the fall, the flood, and the tower of Babel—then talked about why it’s all so important.

The kids explored questions like: How are we created in God’s image? Why do we long for things to be good? Why do bad things happen? Why do we have different language?

On the last day, they visited Lutheran Island Camp in Henning, MN, where they had a chance to get out into God’s creation while learning about God’s Word.  One of our boys was very proud to have learned how to canoe. The girls mentioned kayaking, canoeing and riding on a pontoon around the lake. When the boys told me about their pontoon ride, they were a little sheepish—apparently, they ran out of gas and the girls had to “rescue them.”

One of the day’s events was a ropes course team building activity. Teams of kids climbed a 13-foot wall, without footholds, by boosting each other up and then pulling the last child over.  

After the kids spent the day playing, learning, and having a blast, Spiritual Life Director, Jay Schaefer, talked about life stress.  As he listed each example of life stress, he stretched a rubber band around a watermelon. A fight with your mom—one rubber band. A bad grade on a test—another rubber band. Someone makes fun of you—another rubber band.  

He added another rubber band with each stressful moment, and eventually the watermelon cracked open from the pressure (if you don’t believe it, you can find an example on YouTube).

Then they all got to eat watermelon—I think they got the message and a sweet reward.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our kids.

God bless you!

Janet Zinke
Senior Development Officer

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