Ranch Reason from our Concordia Interns

Ranch Reason from our Concordia Interns

Ranch Reason from our Concordia Interns


This week's blog post highlights the experiences of the interns from Concordia College, who blessed us with their energy, creativity, and kindness this summer. Be sure to check out the link at the bottom to see the video they created! -Janet

Ranch Reason
By Hannah Kosloski and Erin Grabinger, Communications Interns

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah, and I am one of the communications interns at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. This summer, Erin (my intern partner) and I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside the Mission Advancement Team in the Fargo Foundation office. Over the summer, we worked directly with Kris Ryan, Tammy Noteboom, and Erinn Dosch to create content for the Ranch's social media pages; help with advertising and marketing for the Ranch, Thrift Stores, and Dakota Family Services; research and present employee recruitment ideas; and brainstorm ideas for sustainable excellence on social media. It's been a busy summer!

Before coming to the Ranch, I had absolutely no idea who/what this organization was. I was not aware of the work and dedication that happens daily on each of the three campuses. All I knew was that the Ranch was a Christian non-profit that could give me the amazing opportunity to have an internship within my major program at Concordia College. While that perception remains intact, it does not even come close to summarizing the importance of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.

Over the past three months, I have been immersed in the world of Ranch culture. The environment here focuses on the individual development of each person - residents and staff alike. The Ranch is a place of growing and vulnerability. Regardless of role or title, every person at the Ranch is devoted to caring and healing. Every action and thought includes deep reflection, thought, and focus on the mission, purpose and goal of the Ranch. We are truly an organization that believes in and practices their mission, and I am truly blessed to have been a part of the Ranch family.

Thank you for everything,



Hello! My name is Erin Grabinger and this summer I was one of the students blessed with the opportunity to intern at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch! Along with my fellow intern, Hannah, I worked for the Ranch as a Communications Intern on the Mission Advancement team. As my internship comes to a close and I prepare to return to school at Concordia College in Moorhead, where I study communications and business, it's amazing to think back on everything I have learned and experienced in my time here at the Ranch.

Despite having grown up in the Fargo area, prior to learning about this internship opportunity, I knew almost nothing about the Ranch. I was familiar with the thrift stores, but had no idea they were only the tip of the iceberg! I remember going to new employee orientation my first week on the job and being blown away by everything I learned. I had no idea that an organization focused completely on helping troubled kids and their families even existed in this area, and over the summer, as I've been able to dive even deeper into what the Ranch does, I continue to be amazed by what the Ranch stands for and the incredible work it does.

In my role as a Communications Intern this summer, I have had the chance to learn about all the wonderful things that happen here at the Ranch, and to find ways to share these things with people outside the Ranch. I have heard so many inspiring success stories about kids who lived at the Ranch, met so many of the amazing kids who currently live here, and discovered so much about how smart, talented, and kind these kids are, despite everything life has thrown at them. These kids are such an inspiration to never give up, no matter what comes your way! Working here has reminded me to be more thankful for all the blessings in my life.

My time at the Ranch has also helped me better understand my strengths and passions. Prior to working here, I had no knowledge of the inner-workings of a non-profit, and now I know that this type of work is something I could do for the rest of my life! It's so fulfilling to see your skills be used for something worthwhile, and I can't think of anything or anyone more worthwhile than the kids at the Ranch. This is such a special place I have come to know, and I will miss it dearly!


Click this link to watch the Back to School Thrift Store video!

Learn more about Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch at DakotaRanch.org.

You can also follow the Ranch on Facebook.

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Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a Christian residential treatment and educational center for children and their families. We help the most troubled, complicated, and amazing kids by providing best-in-class psychiatric therapy and trauma-informed care, where we look kids in the eye, walk with them, and help them become their best selves.

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