Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

Spring in North Dakota is really a transformation. One moment the entire state is shut down due to a horrible storm with a foot of snow. Seven days later, the snow is gone, it is 75 degrees, the grass is already turning green and the trees are budding.

It always makes me think of my Mom because she really loved this time of year. She would have turned 88 this past April.

My mother was a school teacher and I think she was always trying to help us learn through exploring and adventure. We would do science experiments and go on nature hikes. She would talk fractions and math while we baked. She somehow even managed to make spring cleaning fun.

My mom passed away from Lou Gehrig's Disease in May of 1996. I keep her spirit alive by remembering her to my daughter and playing learning games like, "math hopscotch." Unfortunately, I have not discovered how she made cleaning fun, but I will keep working on it.

On the last day of her life, it was obvious that this world would not hold her much longer. I recall reading a passage from a prayer book that I found at the hospital. It said something like, "When a ship leaves one shore, it is always hard to say goodbye, but remember that there will be others to greet you on the other side. The French carry that idea into every day with their term, 'Au Revoir,' which means 'until we meet again'." The passage seemed so fitting as I thought about how it could apply to meeting again in this life or the next.

We are each the sum of our experiences—my experiences led me to become involved in estate planning. It made sense to me that planning ahead was something we could do to decrease the stress on our loved ones after our passing. The articles at the end of these posts every week highlight some of the most popular tools people use to manage their estates. If you are interested in discussing any of these estate planning options, please call 1-800-344-0957 or go to www.dakotaranch.org/legacy.

Thank you for all you do to support our children at the Ranch. God bless you.

Au Revoir...until we meet again.

Janet Zinke
Senior Development Officer
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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