Connecting to the Life-Line for Lent

Connecting to the Life-Line for Lent

Connecting to the Life-Line for Lent

Life is a precious, fragile and amazing gift from God.

Most years, I give something up for Lent, like chocolate, which was difficult for me! But, this Lenten season started out differently.

My nephew and his wife went into the hospital for the emergency delivery of their baby—at only 27 weeks of pregnancy. I was so worried and scared for them because both the Mom and baby were at risk of organ failure. I could do nothing but wait...and PRAY.

Lent is the time to turn to God and depend on Him in all things, so it seems appropriate that I spent a large part of Ash Wednesday praying fervently. Thankfully my first great-niece, Emery, came into the world at 2 pounds and I am rejoicing that she and her Mom are recovering faster than the doctors expected.

So this year, rather than giving up something for Lent, I am going to try to add things to my life—add more time praying fervently, more time reading God's word, and more time reflecting on the many miracles God puts before me every day.

Kids at the Ranch have spent much of their lives just trying to survive their circumstances. Many have bounced from one foster home to another and then from one facility to another. Decisions about where they will live are beyond their control. The anger and behaviors that grow from these experiences are how they coped with it and kept themselves from feeling the pain.

When they come to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, our kids learn new ways to manage their emotions and behaviors. Ranch kids witness the power of prayer when they see their teachers begin each day with prayer, in the prayers we always say before meals, in Chapel as we pray for the world and for the many people who send us prayer requests.

Turning to God in prayer for all things is the best coping skill that could ever exist. Not many of our Ranch kids were taught about prayer prior to coming here. Our pastor and spiritual life specialists assure them that their prayers are just as powerful as anyone else's prayers. Our kids learn that no matter what has been done to them, and no matter what they have done, God loves them and they can turn to him for guidance and support any time, day or night.

We love being able to give Ranch children the opportunity to experience Christian love and learn the most important coping skill of all—clinging to the true life-line, a relationship with our Savior.

Yours in Christ,

Janet Zinke, Senior Development Officer
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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