Provide a Ranch child with support and hope for the future

Provide a Ranch child with support and hope for the future

Provide a Ranch child with support and hope for the future

Kids learn learn life lessons at the Ranch. Your gift today will equip a student for life after graduation. 

Provide a Ranch child with SUPPORT and HOPE for the future!

In just a few weeks, Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch will celebrate the graduation of 10 high school seniors!
That may not seem like a large class. And for a regular public school, it wouldn’t be.

But, for a school the size of the Ranch, with kids who have worked so hard and battled great odds, ten graduates is a really big deal!

Graduating from high school can be especially difficult for our kids. Life has handed them more than their share of obstacles — learning problems, behavioral challenges, and serious problems at home that can derail their education.
Our kids are unlike any you’ll meet anywhere else. For them, the sense of accomplishment, promise, and hope is undeniable. You can understand why we feel such pride in our graduates.

As they leave the Ranch, some of our kids will reunite with family. Others will be on their own, working to be independent and self-sufficient. Many will begin vocational training, college, or a job.
They'll need your prayers and support. That's why I hope you'll give a generous gift right now to support a Ranch child.
For those who are graduating, they have just a short time left with us. They've been working so hard. Through your gift of support, you'll help them prepare for their best possible future.
And for our younger students, you'll provide the ongoing classroom learning, specialized therapy, and spiritual nurturing they need to succeed in life.
Graduation is coming quickly. Please pray for our graduates, and consider making a financial contribution to the Ranch to support the specialized education we provide at Dakota Memorial School, the on-campus school of the Ranch. 

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