Graduation and Beyond

Graduation and Beyond

Graduation and Beyond

At graduation this week, one of our graduates said he never thought he would finish school—but then he came to Dakota Memorial School (DMS), the on-campus school of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. He stood in front of a roomful of people—all there to celebrate his accomplishments, and thanked the teachers and staff at the Ranch for helping him make it to this moment. As he gave his grandmother a hug, her eyes filled with tears. She knew as well as anyone how hard he’d worked to reach this moment.

It’s easy to take graduation for granted, but for the eight students who graduated from DMS this year—it is a really big deal. Their circumstances vary, but all of them were at DMS for a reason. Most grew up with instability and trauma, some had psychiatric issues that required a special educational environment, and others had nowhere else to go. In all cases, these incredible young men and women overcame challenges and obstacles to complete their high school graduation requirements.

We were also super excited to hear from several former residents who sent us their graduation announcements—they wanted to show us how far they had come, and knew we would want to celebrate with them.

Please join us in praying for these young people as they move forward in life.

We are so proud of these hardworking kids. Because of the support of thousands of generous Ranch donors, they had the opportunity to heal, grow, and learn. They can now move forward as their best selves.

God bless you always!

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