The Gift of Today

The Gift of Today

The Gift of Today

The following is the opening prayer prayed at the Arizona Donor Appreciation Luncheons by Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch board member, Dick Shorma. Thank you for praying alongside us today.

Heavenly Father,

You have gifted us "today." A day like no other. A day filled with gratitude for the many who support the Ranch in uniquely gifted ways. Without You and the help of our brothers and sisters who love the kids, we certainly would lose our way.

We would ask that you open our hearts and raise an awareness of both Your presence and the infinite Love You have for us and the kids You have entrusted to us.

For our kids, today is not just another today. Please bless them with many firsts.

Today may be the first time they experience "unconditional love."

Today may be the first time someone listened to them and did not judge.

Today may be the first time they have felt a "different" kind of LOVE.

Today may be the first time they don't let their past define their future.

Today may be the first time they are "being met where they are at."

On this day of many firsts, Lord, You remind us to live this day as if it's our first day, our last day, and our only day. Lord help us to live each present moment to the fullest, not worrying about whether time is going quickly or slowly, but welcoming every moment as a gift, as You are with us.

Lord, You know how each of us has been touched by the Ranch. You have always blessed this ministry with an overflowing abundance of love. It has uniquely been a connector of the Father's mercy and grace to each of the lives entrusted to us. You know our hearts and hear our voices.

We pray for laughter.

We pray for tears.

We pray for madness.

We pray for fears.

We pray for hope.

We pray for screams.

We pray for the kids who make the dreams.

We are joined together as your children, realizing that we are to encourage each other and the kids to "Live, instead of waiting to live." Our present life is always something good...for God the creator has endowed it with a blessing He will never cancel. You encourage us to always live in the present moment, for it is there we experience communion with You.

Lord, we ask You to bless this present moment, to bless each of us, and to bless those whom we are called to serve from the bounty of Christ our LORD. Amen.

We are so thankful for all of those that help the children at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch succeed.

Janet Zinke
Senior Development Officer
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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