Easter Baptisms

Easter Baptisms

Easter Baptisms


Children at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch celebrated Easter this year in many special ways. VP of Spiritual Life, Chaplain Rick Jones, has a tremendous gift for making the Word come alive in a way that resonates with our children. At the beginning of the Easter Morning service on our Minot campus, he came running out from the chancellery yelling, "He's alive! He has risen!"

At first, the children were shocked, then smiled, clapped and started singing. He is alive! Chaplain Rick made sure all the kids, staff and families that were there knew that truth! The service was further made special with the music of Our Savior Lutheran Church's Worship Band! And an Easter Egg Hunt!

Three of the boys on our Minot campus chose Easter as their Baptism day. They did so at a local Christian congregation. It has been our honor to transport them to the church and support them in their journey of faith.

It is with great excitement that we share these special moments. For many of our kids, religion has not been a big part of their life prior to coming to the Ranch. For others, sadly, religion has been used as a rationale for the abuse and pain they have experienced. As they attend chapel and study groups, God's truth is shared, and their budding faith begins to grow.

Gideons International is one of the groups and individuals who have donated Bibles to our ministry. Now, the kids can provide Bibles to their families and foster families and discuss what they are learning. What a wonderful way to share the Gospel!

Our Spiritual Life program is entirely funded by donor support, churches, and Thrivent Choice dollars. When we say we could not do this without our donors and friends, we really mean it.

We are so thankful for those that help bring God's Word to children who feel lost and alone and that help children see that the love of Jesus is unconditional and they are part of God's family. Thank you to those that believe in our kids so that they can learn how to pray. We appreciate all that the friends of the Ranch do.

God's blessings to you,

Janet Zinke
Senior Development Officer
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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