The Gentle Art of Decluttering

The Gentle Art of Decluttering

The Gentle Art of Decluttering

I am thankful a leaky window flooded my basement earlier this summer. It forced me to go through boxes of “treasures” I’d carried with me over 20 years.
 As I sorted through boxes of soggy papers and mementos, I found college papers, poetry, old newspaper clippings, letters from old boyfriends, cassette tapes, etc.
 I reminisced, laughed, and even cried as I pulled things piece by piece from the boxes. After a day of mostly throwing, I felt lighter somehow—like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
 In her book, “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning,” Margareta Magnusson encourages us to ask ourselves, “Do we want to leave the hefty chore of sifting through our things for our surviving relatives,” and “Do we really want them to see everything in those forgotten boxes?”
 As a planned giving officer, I hear stories all the time from people making estate plans. Some talk very openly about wanting to pass specific items to friends, family members, or charity. They realize the people they leave behind will be grieving, so they are making arrangements to “soften the blow.”
 Magnusson’s book inspires me to continue whittling away at my collections. I don’t suppose my beautiful 6-year-old will want every masterpiece she ever made!
 If you are in the mood to declutter (and live in North Dakota), the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Stores are a great place to donate anything that has a resale value—things like furniture, books, clothing and household goods. Your donations to our thrift stores support our ministry to troubled kids—to the tune of $800,000 each year!
 Whether you are a prayer warrior for our kids, donate to our thrift stores, send in financial donations, or have included the Ranch in your estate plans, we appreciate you. 
 This critical ministry exists because these children need us, and we could not do what we do without you.
 God bless!
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